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Founded in 2002, Autolux Ltd. is a local and suburban transit company based out of Pickering, Canada. The public company is still relatively young in comparison to its competitors, yet was already bringing in annual revenues of approximately $2.88M when Apiqu first began working with them.

A mid-sized company, Autolux Ltd. was growing at a much faster pace than they had anticipated. After acquiring accounts including Aviva Insurance, Intact, Belair Direct and WSIB, the company made the decision to hire more employees in order to handle the increasing number of trips.

However, dispatchers tend to be a scarce resource, which left Autolux Ltd. in a bind. With a fleet of 70 cars but only five dispatchers, they were not in a position to handle the load they were dealing with at the time.

Realizing their current operations were too complex and expensive, Autolux came to the conclusion that they needed a more streamlined and efficient solution to complement their logistics business. It was then that Autolux Ltd. reached out to Apiqu for help.


Apiqu was proud to be chosen by Autolux Ltd. to help elevate their business, allowing them to show their customers a new level of productivity and service.

Apiqu first ran a detailed and extensive assessment of their business practices, evaluating their corporate process and conducting a gap analysis. Once this was completed, Apiqu recommended the development of a custom ERP and transportation management solution that would be tailored specifically to the needs of Autolux Ltd.

Over the course of approximately 18 months, Apiqu was able to effectively deliver both the ERP and transportation management solutions to Autolux Ltd., thus allowing them to vastly improve their business operations and reach their highest potential.

Apiqu first created the ERP system, ensuring every element was in place so Autolux could continue to conduct and build their business effectively.Autolux Inc.

The second phase of the project involved the development of the transportation and fleet management system, which was designed to fully integrate with the ERP system developed in phase one.

The fleet management system was designed as an enterprise software that could be powered remotely in the cloud in a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. In turn, the ERP subsystem was created to provide functionality and reliability through state-of-the-art hardware and software, providing web-based software that allowed access to manage the business from anywhere in the world. This uniquely designed system meant that there was no software installation or invasive setup process. One simply opens the internet browser and logs in through a secure web portal. The system is safe, easy and highly accessible.

But despite the ease of use, the system was created with a vast number of features tailored exclusively to advance the business of Autolux. The features included advanced functionality, which included:

An order management system that provides powerful, productive and flexible tools that manage the order lifecycle from start to finish. Also included in the system were hierarchical client tree management, flexible client rate tables support, and a user management unit that can provide or restrict access to the application depending on the type of internal and external user.

A trip management tool that provides a 360 degree view of the trip, the ability to add, update, delete or void an emergency change, or repurpose actions. The tool also uses Google Maps functionality to search and validate destinations and look up trip routes, and allows full flexibility for assigning trips to drivers and tracking their status.

An accounting tool that allows flexible invoicing for different types of clients, monthly and daily invoice generation types, and provides the ability to customize and categorize invoices by client type as well as by period.

A reports system that allows users to view data specific to their trip, provides extensive in-depth dynamic reports for all functional parts of the application, gives the user the ability to analyze and dissect data in order to make the right business decisions for their company, and provides access to client side reports as well as internal reports.

A client portal application that allows clients to view reports, orders and trip management details through the portal, as well as manage their own trips, orders and requests, invoices and reports. Using this application, clients can also request new trips as well as monitor the trip and the driver.

Last but certainly not least, the system includes an all-inclusive fleet management tool that offers full support for driver assignments, tracking and monitoring, a convenient communication device that allows for improved interactions between driver and dispatcher, accurate pinpointing that uses satellite tracking and positioning which allows companies to track drivers and trips with precision, while a system records the position for each driver. This also includes status changes to improve management and reporting.

The fleet management tool also includes a simplified driver payroll integration, full web reports portal, historical vehicle tracking reports and diagrams, a driver communication journal, dispatcher communication roster, events, notifications and warning reports, RapidCity workflow events, driver violation reports, driver working hours summary, navigation based on Sygic API, dispatcher commands, a communication post, workflow management system, speed limit notifications that integrate with the dispatcher monitor, and an Android application that provides fleet drivers with increased functionality.

When developing a solution for Autolux, Apiqu went above and beyond to ensure every aspect of their business was covered and streamlined for maximum efficiency and productivity.


Since the integration of Apiqu’s ERP and transportation management system, Autolux Ltd. has grown from seven cars to 123 cars.

The efficiency has improved so dramatically that the company is now able to handle ten times the number of trips they were making before, but with the same amount of dispatchers. They have additionally reduced fuel and maintenance costs, increased employee efficiencies, increased employee safety, provided more effective dispatching and scheduling, increased the accuracy of their billing, and vastly improved communications and customer satisfaction.

This level of productivity and success is so unprecedented that it has resulted in revenues almost five times the amount they were previous to Apiqu’s involvement.

Revenue now sits at almost $15.24M annually.

Apiqu is proud to have been such an integral part of Autolux Ltd’s growth and looks forward to helping many more companies achieve their own growth potential.

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