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1 (905) 264-1100 Monday-Friday, 9am - 6pm
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The Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation is responsible for the importation, sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages within the province. The organization employs more than 550 employees at its 28 locations, including three satellite stores across the region, more than 140 express locations and over 1,400 licensees. In addition to these stores, the NLC boasts a wide variety of spirits, wine and beer products from both the local area and countries around the world.

While the NLC is already a well-regarded corporation, it recognized the need to upgrade its digital offering in order to continue to offer its customers the best in shopping and service experiences. As such, NLC created a mandate that outlined its vision to focus on continued dedication and the delivery of superior service to its customers and communities. The organization also pledged to streamline operations and processes and improve the overall customer experience.

One of the methods NLC chose to achieve these objectives was to launch an e-commerce site that would act as one centrally managed platform that incorporated enterprise systems in addition to order management, product and content management capabilities.

To facilitate this new platform, NLC chose to work with Momentum, a leader in digital solutions across North America and the U.K.

Momentum demonstrates remarkable capability in helping companies improve client engagement, streamline digital commerce operations and improve collaboration, but wanting to ensure fast, efficient and proper implementation of the new program, Active Commerce for Sitecore, Momentum turned to Apiqu for its knowledge and expertise in the field.


Apiqu was proud to be chosen to work with Momentum and NLC in order to provide expertise in the Sitecore and Active Commerce development space.

With the full trust and support of both teams behind them, Apiqu quickly got to work implementing Sitecore Active Commerce for NLC in order to create a platform that would offer web and mobile-optimized storefront services that could be accessed by NLC customers from anywhere and at any time. Using both Sitecore and Active Commerce allowed Apiqu to create a completely customized, flexible online store with incredible capabilities.

Wanting to provide superior operational efficiencies for NLC, Apiqu created the new platform to automate numerous tasks including cataloging products, synchronizing stock levels, order processing and compiling, and providing data from multiple organization channels.

To improve the customer experience, the new NLC e-commerce platform was developed to not only feature a host of products, but also provide up-to-date information about product promotions, stock levels in specific store locations and news updates about the corporation.

As an expert in Sitecore solutions, Apiqu knew that integrating the system with Coveo would ensure customers could quickly and easily find what they’re looking for on the NLC site using a searching engine. Google Aoi similarly helps to optimize search and index features on the website and creates an easy map navigation system that directs shoppers to the store closest to their location.

In order to maximize convenience for customers during checkout, Apiqu also developed the platform to provide consumers with the option of completing purchases using multiple different payment methods including gift cards, or by reserving and picking up in store.


Using the Sitecore and Active Commerce platform, Apiqu successfully helped NLC upgrade its complex organizational structure to a fully unified, high quality and efficient omni-channel experience for its growing base of customers.

Apiqu was able to provide NLC with a beautiful and highly efficient new platform that allows its customers to search and shop from the comfort of their own homes in a way that is quick, easy, seamless and memorable.

Customers now have the ability to search and browse a wide selection of NLC products, arrange pickups and use preferred payment options including gifts cards and discount coupons to complete orders. They can also get quick access to any information they desire including product updates and promotions or stock levels at store locations, and can easily share this information with friends with the click of a button. To ensure the utmost in service and convenience, customers have full access to an NLC customer service and sales representative should they have any questions or concerns.

As always, Apiqu wanted to provide the best in well-rounded and engaging customer experiences, which is why Apiqu additionally implemented a full content management system to work alongside the e-commerce options and allow NLC to continue to inform, engage and inspire its customers.

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