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Apiqu Social Media Sitecore Feed

Apiqu Sitecore Instagram Feed is a brandable social media aggregator or social media curator – it allows you to specify content sources such as Instagram usernames or Instagram tags. It then pulls this content into a feed or stream that you can curate/manage and embed within your website.

Unlike other social media aggregators Apiqu Feed doesn’t use IFRAMEs. It allows you to embed the stream as Javascript, HTML & CSS directly into your site where you want it. This means you have full control over how you want the stream to appear and also how it looks. Allowing you to customise it with your sites branding.

The end result is a social media stream that seamlessly integrates into your website.

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No other product matches us on features and price.

Customisable, reliable & simple to use

Apiqu Sitecore Instagram Feed helps you collate and display any social media feed, anywhere. Be up, running and driving conversions in 5 minutes.

The best way to add Instagram photos to a website

Responsive, Easy-to-use, Config-free Instagram Feed widget for the website

Apiqu feed helps to aggregate all of your brands hashtag and social media posts into a single, beautiful social media feed on your website, allowing you to easily moderate and curate your content.


Clean Design

Not good at design? Curator looks great straight out of the box using one of our preset themes.

SEO Friendly

We use Javascript rather than iframes like most other aggregators. That means Google will love you.

Mobile Friendly

Apiqu Feed is at home on a mobile, or a website. And an outdoor billboard for that matter!

Hastag Friendly

Tell Apiqu Feed what hashtags to look out for and it’ll take care of the rest.


Apiqu Feed is customizable for beginners through your admin or experts with full CSS and API access.


Easy Moderation

Advanced and easy moderation. Filter unwanted posts manually or set rules to block users, words, and trollers.

Responsive Design

Perfectly runs on any screen size and devices such as Tv screens, mobile digital signage, projectors, jumbotron.

Engagement from the first site

How Apiqu feed works?

You can add the Instagram feed app on your Sitecore website easily and demonstrate a widget with a link to your Instagram account on your website the right way.


Apiqu Feed automatically imports new posts from all your connected social media accounts.


And displays them in a beautiful, easy to install social feed on your website.


Set up filters, moderate posts and analyze your social media engagement.

Easy setup

Just 3 simple steps

1) Choose social media accounts

Add all the accounts and hashtags you want to show up in your social media feed to your social media aggregator

2) Copy and Paste

Copy and paste our embed control in any webpage in Sitecore.

3) Relax

You never have to touch the code again. Moderate and change your feed through the Juicer dashboard.

Uncover the power of Instagram's content to magnify your website's engagements and performance

Everything Apiqu Feed’s social media aggregator has to offer

Collect Instagram photos, videos, etc. from Instagram to your Free Instagram widget and embed them to your website to grow engagement, social reach, and performance.

Save Time

Easy to embed on every website.

Stand Out

Choose one of our 8 provided themes or style your social media feed with custom CSS!

Get Noticed

Beautiful responsive social wall integrating posts from all your social media accounts or hashtags.

Hands Off

Apiqu Feed automatically updates your website with your latest social media posts.

Moderation & Curation

Straightforward moderation. Filter out posts you don’t want showing up.

Rest Assured

Quick customer support. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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