DevOps Consulting

Quality software creation at unimagined speeds

Acceleration and improvement of software quality.

Once taking a back seat in business operations, software has now become a crucial component. Interacting with customers through organizational software is now a necessity, which is why an effective DevOps model can make a world of difference. DevOps services are ideal for anyone looking to automate processes, increase the quality of their software and adapt company infrastructure.

Transform and optimize software development

Apiqu’s DevOps services can solve issues such as:

  • Team collaboration restraints
  • Slow software delivery times
  • Software quality concerns
  • Customer experience issues
  • Lack of test automation
  • Post-release errors
  • Slow testing process, software updating and infrastructure adjustments
DevOps consulting done the right way

The Benefits Of Hiring An Experienced DevOps Team

Reach the market in significantly faster times through the unification of your software development with our DevOps Services team.


Agile development methodology

Work in consumable increments for faster delivery without the headache.


A cross-functional team of specialized experts

A collaborative process that empowers each specialist to work in cohesion for higher quality product creation.


Superior defect and error detection

A proactive and thoroughly tested devops process that stops defects in their tracks.


Innovative solutions from a seasoned team

An array of experience working with DevOps in all industries, and a honed aptitude for problem solving.


Proven DevOps results

With years of experience in Dev Ops consulting, our work speaks for itself. Apiqu has a proven track record and examples to show you exactly what you can expect.


Reduced failure rates

A reliable and secure service using up to date best practices.


Rapid recovery and troubleshooting

Apiqu’s dedicated team provides around the clock support and has the experience to quickly troubleshoot even the most complicated issues.


Rapid development cycles

Our collaborative process involving a seasoned team of experts allows for faster development times with quality results.

DevOps Services - Step 1

DevOps Implementation Consultation

Begin your DevOps transition with a comprehensive analysis of your requirements and a visualization of strategy outcomes.


Applying IaaC

A crucial step in the DevOps process, Apiqu’s IaaC uses a strategic approach and best practices to create a quality programmable software.


Module containerization

Containerized environments for a drastic decrease in business expenses.


Integration and deployment pipelines

Automated build pipelines for easily locatable error detection.


Test automation introduction

Mature test automation framework for easy and accurate testing.



Quality oversight of the DevOps process from a seasoned team.

DevOps Services - Step 2

DevOps Launch

A quality controlled launch to ensure effectiveness and save you time in the long run.


Strategic planning

Apply lean and agile principles for improved processes and greater innovation across the project life cycle.


Implementation road map

A strategic blueprint of your plans and goals for the product, resulting in an organized and efficient product release.


DevOps team training

Quality training for increased collaboration throughout the software development cycle.


DevOps solution creation

Tailor made DevOps Solutions for a custom fit to your enterprise.

DevOps Services - Step 3

DevOps Project Recovery

Rapid failure and rapid recovery with enhanced disaster recovery environments.


Analyze and fix collaboration issues between cross functional teams

An assessment of the collaborative environment for increased development efficiency, quality and control.


Assist with technical issues

Proactive and Innovative solutions to remove and prevent technical errors.


Tool and Methodology training

Gain a solid and thorough understanding of up to date methodologies and best practices.


Optimize automated testing

Improve testing efficiency and quality control.

DevOps Services - Step 4

Technical Consultation

Learn how to significantly increase your operational efficiency.


Integrating effective tools for DevOps efficiency

Integrate tools that will enhance your collaboration and increase team productivity throughout the building, testing, deployment and monitoring stages so that you can focus on innovation.

Let us do the heavy lifting

Let Apiqu utilize our expertise and years of experience to improve your collaborative environment, increase your efficiency and create an optimal operation pipeline.






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