Website Upgrades And Migration

Is Migration Right For You

CMS Migration And Upgrading Vs Website Redesign

Website redesign and website migration are terms that are often used interchangeably. However, they are not the same. Website design changes and improves upon the visual aesthetic of your site, whereas the main focus of migration is to improve upon your site’s functionality and usability.

Up To Date Solutions

Results focused development that optimizes the user experience.

Hosting your website on an outdated CMS platform can be limiting in terms of design capabilities, data collection, usability and customer experience. Failing to upgrade or migrate your site to meet up-todate best practices can cause a decrease in sales and engagement. Migrating your website can be a crucial task but is often a complicated endeavor. That is where Apiqu comes in. We are experienced and trusted experts in updating and migrating content management platforms, and can assist you in an efficient and hassle-free migration.

Multifaceted Migration

CMS Migration Services

CMS migration is the process of moving your website to a new CMS provider to remain up to date with CMS best practices and utilize the latest technology. Sometimes, upgrading your current CMS platform will achieve the same result.

Types of CMS migration include:


Website location changes

Efficient changes to your site’s location with 0 down time.


CMS platform changes

Leave outdated CMS platforms behind.


Content updates

Improved content for a higher conversion rate.


Structural / navigation changes

Improve the navigation and usability of your CMS.


Project and UX changes

Improve your team’s productivity with an enhanced UX.


CMS latest version upgrades

Upgrade your current CMS for improved functionality and user experience.

External application upgrades

Stay on track with CMS best practices by keeping your external applications up-to-date.

CMS Migration

The Benefits Of Upgrading And Migrating Your CMS

An enhanced site with maximum results.

Simplicity At Its Finest


Increased speed

Significant increases in your website speeds.


Enhanced user experience

Increase usability and engagement.


Advanced customer support

Improved tools for easier and more robust customer support functions.


Reliable performance

Avoid server downtime and website glitches.


Volume scalability

Handle high volumes of web traffic.

Increased Simplicity



Increase customization abilities.


Business usability

Create a more usable CMS interface for your team.


Easy to use interface

Manage your site on your own without issues.

Let us do the heavy lifting

Leave your website to an experienced team so that you can focus on your business.






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