Website Maintenance And Support

Keep your website consistent

Website Maintenance And Support

We offer a full range of services to maintain and support your web project so that it always remains an up-to-date, secure and effective tool for your business.

A successful website requires constant attention and support

A trusted and reliable support team.

Your website is the first place customers look to view your organization online. Slow loading times and technical issues can often cause you to lose a potential customer for good. Many website issues go unnoticed until they begin to cause severe disruptions in CMS usability. Apiqu offers packages that allow you to fix issues as they arise and prevent any future issues by having an experienced team closely and consistently monitoring your website and content management systems.

Proactive Results

Website Maintenance Services

With comprehensive experience in support and maintenance, we have experienced all issues. We know how to troubleshoot in a fraction of the time, allowing for little to no downtimes. Our proactive website team has maintenance down to a science, keeping your site efficient, secure and reliable at all times.


Around the clock protection

Consistent malware and vulnerability scans, automatic malware removal and blocking of attacks, firewall protection and daily website backups to prevent data loss.


Regular CMS Updates

Core updates to your CMS systems and plugins for increased functionality and prevention of technical issues.

Traffic Reports

Regular, detailed reports and insights on user interaction.


Search Engine Performance Audits

Detailed reporting on your search engine visibility and recommendations for improvement.


On-Demand Technical Support Team

Our CMS support team is available 7 days a week to tackle website issues as soon as they arise.

Protect your investment

Let us provide you with the stability you need so that you can focus on what you do best.






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