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Increase efficiency with marketing automation.

Our marketing automation solutions can help you optimize your strategy, automate routine tasks, and improve the effectiveness of your marketing. Focus on creating valuable content and strategic planning while letting our software manage the rest.

The future of marketing is automated

A streamlined approach to online marketing.

Marketing automation software assists in streamline marketing processes, resulting in a higher return on marketing results and a maximized marketing campaign budget. Through marketing automation, Apiqu enables organizations to automate tasks such as email, social media and website engagement.

Efficient and effective marketing solutions

The Benefits Of Marketing Automation

With increased efficiency, enhanced accuracy and the ability to reach a tremendously higher audience without lifting a finger, marketing automation has become a necessity.


Increase in leads

Marketing automation does the work to find new leads for you. The automated process removes the need for constant manpower.


Higher lead conversion

Automatically scoring and categorizing leads and sending them automated interactions based on their preferences results in much higher conversion.


Maximized marketing budget and ROI

An automated process of lead segmentation, follow ups and personalized interaction has proven time and time again to cause a significant increase in ROI with a decreased need for manpower.


Increased engagement

Speak to each lead and customer as an individual, increasing the likelihood of engagement and create more meaningful customer relationships.


Added value to customers

One-on-one, cross channel interaction creates a more connected and customer focused sales cycle on a consistent basis.


Measurable results

Marketing automation allows you to segment and test online marketing processes across different users from the beginning to end of sales cycles for accurate measurements of each process.

More than lead generation

The Marketing Automation Process

Truly effective marketing automation requires a step by step process that considers a number of factors.


Platform selection and integration

Apiqu’s marketing automation support team will assist you in choosing the ideal platform for your automation goals and seamlessly integrate it with your current website.


Implementation strategy

We will create an optimal solution that considers your business, industry, customer base and marketing goals.



By analyzing consumer data and creating buyer personas, Apiqu can assist you in successfully converting new leads, regaining old leads and creating loyal, repeat business.


Tracking and reporting

Consistent, timely reports ensure that you can track the value of your marketing automation efforts and analyze the effectiveness of each campaign element.


Lead management and retention

We will assist you in using your insights into lead behaviour and latest interactions to create successfully timed and targeting marketing and loyalty retention efforts.

A complete online marketing cycle

Marketing Automation Tools

Gain new leads, send timely content to your customers, increase engagement and remove mundane tasks from your to-do list.


Email automation

Email marketing remains to be one of the highest returning assets. Email automation can capitalize on this.


Dynamic forms

Dynamically add control meta data and validation criteria for superior user experience.


CRM automation

Streamline processes for supercharged productivity.


Dynamic landing pages

Personalized landing pages for a customized user experience and higher conversion rates.


Lead / visitor segmentation and scoring

Score leads based on interaction and tailor communication according to lead scores.


Marketing campaign automation

Automatic, tailored marketing campaigns for increased productivity and ROI.

Reporting and analytics

Actionable, in depth insights into website traffic and consumer behavior.


Lead tracking

Score and track individual leads, for a custom tailored sales cycle and significantly higher conversion rates.

Trust The Experts

Apiqu’s marketing automation team will assess your business needs and create a custom tailored marketing automation strategy for your business.






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