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We know how to best achieve your development/organizational goals and troubleshoot the most complicated development challenges.

Apiqu is a highly experienced website development team that takes great pride in our continued education in web development best practices. We work hard to ensure that we are always ahead of the curve and up to date on all technologies. Having worked on an array of robust development projects at enterprise levels, Apiqu has seen it all.

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Your website is the online face of your organization and should not be planned lightly. An experienced team will look at your web development from all angles and anticipate future needs and challenges.

Some of the many benefits of working with an experienced team include:


A collaborative approach to web development


Communication through every step of the development process


Agile website development methodology


An in house team of specialists in development, analysis and quality assurance


Scalable development solutions for both your current and future business needs


Shorter development times


Extensive Quality assurance (QA) testing


Rapid / reliable delivery



Pre-planning is a crucial step in the development process. Without development pre-planning, you may miss vital website elements that can maximize your user experience. Before development, Apiqu assists in quality pre-planning that considers your current business needs, future goals and customer base.


Analysis of Development Goals, Needs and Infrastructure

An in depth discussion to assess your current business needs, customer base, traffic expectations and security considerations.


Development Strategy

A well thought-out strategy that considers aesthetics, marketing, automation and engagement.


Information Architecture

Robust IA planning built around content, context, and users.


Development Solution Architecture

Design an optimal overarching technical vision for your development project.


Development Project Management

Essential quality assurance through every step of the development stage.


Website Development Technical Specifications

A detailed coders map specifying the principles and rules to be transferred to code, element by element.



Results focused development that optimizes the user experience.


Front-end Website Development

Develop the overall aesthetic and user engagement of your website.


Back-end Website Development

Back-end development that optimizes performance, scalability and security.


Web Development Integrations

Utilize the most up-to-date third party integrations to maximize usability, performance and user experience.


Quality testing and analysis

Detect and resolve any errors, weaknesses and deficiencies before your site goes live.



Deploy your website to efficient, salable and secure servers.


Support and Maintenance

Proactive monitoring, around the clock support and regular backups for a secure and effective website.

Trust the experts

Unlock your online potential and maximize your ROI by working with a recognized team of developers.






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