Cloud Digital Asset Management

Sitecore Cloudinary Connector

Sitecore Cloudinary Connector allows content authors to search, edit, manage and insert digital Cloudinary assets directly from within Sitecore Media Library

Sitecore Cloudinary

Create and publish to any channel

Create, transform, optimize, and deliver directly from within Sitecore Media Library

Delivering fast web experiences

Deliver Cloudinary digital assets via multiple CDNs for fast and reliable experiences

Build a strong cloud digital presence

Decouple the media library from the user interface to enable interaction with digital assets anywhere

Upload assets from a variety of sources

Upload from local device, social media like Dropbox, Instagram or Facebook

Upload and manage any media format

Cloudinary supports a wide variety of the most popular types of media

Access in content and experience editors

Upload and access the Cloudinary platform from directly inside the Sitecore and use transformed and optimized media assets in your content

Sitecore Cloudinary
Sitecore Cloudinary

Advanced Digital Assets Transformations

Edit and transform your digital assets — effects, resizing, overlays, colors, shapes, and much more

Seamless experience and automated workflow

Automate, Optimize and Manage User-Generated Digital Media

Do your media assets the right way

Create personalized media experiences with Cloudinary and Sitecore

Search and browse media assets

Quick and easy to search, browse media assets using metadata

Smart media items analysis

Performe different types of analysis on your media assets

Share DAM assets

Your assets are ready to be shared with the world

Sitecore Cloudinary

Choose the right Cloud Digital Asset Management system

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