Expert nopCommerce Developers

Performance Focused Results From an Expert nopCommerce Team.

Apiqu is a leading web design agency based in Toronto, Canada, with a dedicated team of nopCommerce experts. We take great pride in our innovative solutions and knowledge of up to date best practices in order to best achieve your website design goals and troubleshoot the most complicated challenges.

Expert nopCommerce Developers

Performance Focused Results From an Expert nopCommerce Team

What Is nopCommerce?

NopCommerce is a highly customizable open source eCommerce solution that is a preferred choice among an array of businesses, from small organizations to large multi-national brands. With enhanced features such as price promotion options, comparison tools, inventory management and advanced SEO, nopCommerce creates an ideal user/shopping experience.

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Why Apiqu

As the online face of your organization, your website should not be taken lightly. An experienced team will look at your web design from all angles and anticipate future needs and challenges.

Some of the many benefits of working with an experienced team include:
  • A collaborative approach to website design and development.
  • Communication through every step of the development process.
  • Agile website design methodology.
  • An in house team of specialists in design, analysis and quality assurance.
  • Extensive testing.
  • Rapid / reliable delivery.
  • Scalable design solutions for both your current and future business needs.

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Advantages Of NopCommerce

This feature rich, interactive solution offers numerous advantages that set it apart from other website and ecommerce solutions including:

Multi-Store Development

Develop and manage multiple stores from one single location.

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Highly Customizable

Unlimited feature and design possibilities.

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Advanced toolkit

Unprecedented options for sales growth and automation with access to advanced tools.

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Numerous payment methods

Allow customers to pay any way they prefer so that you never miss a sale.

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Multi-vendor e-commerce capabilities

Easily integrate and sell from multiple vendors.

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Built in social media marketing

Manage your website and social media marketing in a single location.

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Consistency across platforms

Responsive design that remains optimized on any device.

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Enhanced safety and security

Premium security features for advanced protection.

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PCI DSS compliance

Ensure that your security remains compliant with regulations and best practices.

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Open source for smoother and faster development

Development that remains fast and effective no matter what your strategy is.

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Search engine optimization

Built-in SEO features that keep your search engine ranking on track.

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Advanced checkout that increases sales and conversion rates

Customized and efficient checkout experiences.

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Optimized for mobile commerce

Never miss a mobile sale with responsive mobile design.

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Advanced product features

Enhanced product customization.

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Endless Possibilities

Highly Customizable

Multiple features and functionalities, paired with pluggable modularized architecture, make nopCommerce a highly customizable platform that can be used to suit your organization’s unique needs:

  • Superior product customization.
  • Enhanced custom checkout processes.
  • Customer enabled product configurations ( design, colour, size, style).
  • Advanced analytics.
  • Location tailored rates and information.
  • Custom EMI options.
  • Online bargaining.
  • Custom mega drop down menus.
Highly Customizable
Advanced Toolkit

Cutting Edge Tools

Advanced Toolkit

NopCommerce offers an advanced toolkit with a variety of features for sales and growth that cannot be found on other platforms:

  • Unique and clean themes.
  • Built-in plugins with enhanced functionality.
  • Pre-Built Integrations with popular solutions for shipping, marketing and hosting.
  • Net core platform with broad compatibility with an array of systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Open Source platform.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Well structured coding.
  • ECommerce Business Management tools such as robust inventory management and order processing.
Highly Customizable

Responsive Design

Consistency Across Platforms

NopCommerce makes it simple to create responsive sites that remain consistent and easy to navigate across platforms. Responsive design has a number of benefits, the most important being user experience. Consistency across each platform ensures a fully optimal experience no matter the device. This, in turn creates greater brand loyalty, repeat business and increases your sales conversion rates. Additionally, Google and other popular search engines also favour responsive websites, boosting your search engine ranking.

Never Miss a Potential Mobile Sale

Mobile Commerce

82% of smartphone users have made a purchase while Internet browsing. nopCommerce provides compelling, aesthetically advanced websites even on mobile, so that you never miss a potential sale. These interfaces are provided without the need for additional development or add ons, saving you development time and money.

Smoother and Faster Development

Open Source

NopCommerce is an open source platform, making the development process quicker and smoother.

Multi-Store Development

Streamline Your Ecommerce

Multi-Store Development

Easily develop multiple, cross-functioning stores that can be managed from a single admin panel.

The following features are available to be customized for each individual nopCommerce store:
  • Categories.
  • Manufacturers.
  • Products.
  • Individual product pricing.
  • Content.
  • Payments.
  • Tax rules.
  • Newsletters.
  • Shipping methods.
  • Themes and Aesthetic Elements.
  • Order Filtering.
  • Reporting.

A Multitude of Plugins For Endless Capabilities

NopCommerce Plugin / Extension and Theme Development

Types of NopCommerce plugins include:

Kentico hosting

Payment Method

This plugin works with your payment providers for seamless payment processing and refunding.

Shipping Rate Calculation

Allows for consistent and calculated shipping rates, estimates, tracking numbers and delivery methods in real time.

Tax Rate Calculation

Set tax rates according to location or product category. Tax rate plugins also offer the ability to offer tax free promotions during set times of your choosing.

Unique Discounts

Offer unique discounts based on categories such as birthday, location, order history or purchase item quantity.

Exchange Rates

Use an exchange rate plugin to integrate with your currency exchange rate systems in order to provide real time rates.

External Authentication

Allow customers to complete their authentication / account creation process based on their Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts, resulting in higher conversion rates and an exponential increase in sales.


Rendered blocks of content such as HTML, banners and display images that can be placed in locations throughout your site.


Miscellaneous plugin types allow for endless customization possibilities to suit your organizational unique needs.

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Enhanced Marketing and Automation Capabilities

Marketing Support

NopCommerce’s marketing features enable you to market and manage your website in one single location:

Marketing Support 1

Newsletters and Eblasts

Send automated newsletters and eblasts to specific customer/lead groups so that you never miss an opportunity for engagement.

Related Product Display

Up sell to customers and increase the opportunity to close a single sale by displaying related products.

Rewards Points

Increase loyalty and repeat business with rewards programs awarding points based on money spent or number of purchases.

Gift Card Functionality

Both physical and virtual gift cards are available and easy to set up so that you never miss a potential gift sale.

Product Ratings and Reviews

Product reviews exponentially increase trust in your business and the likelihood of closing a sale. nopCommerce offers product reviews as well as a review helpfulness feature that asks customers if a review was helpful to them.

Pricing Promotions And Discount Codes

Offer fixed values or percentage discounts with set start and end dates to products, categories shipping details etc.

Affiliate program

Reward affiliates with free products or money in their pocket and let them make the sales for you. The draw to affiliate marketing is that it is similar to having employees in that they do the work for you, but is entirely commission based in terms of pay.

Built In Social Media Marketing

Built in social media marketing tools so that you can manage both your social media advertising and your website in the same place.

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Simplified SEO With Built-In Tools

Search Engine Optimization

Built in SEO features assist in maximizing your visibility to the correct target audience:

Kentico hosting

Custom URLs

Customize your URLs in order to maximize search results.

XML and HTML Site Mapping

NopCommcerce works with and supports both popular versions of site mapping. XML is hidden site mapping that customers / website visitors do not see on their end. HTML is site mapping that enables easy navigation between content on a page. Both elements improve your site’s usability and work to improve your search engine ranking.


Microdata is the process of embedding data that is readable to machines in HTML documentation. Microdata provides search engines with information regarding the type of information that is being displayed, and displays snippets of additional information on search engine pages.

Localized URLs

Localize URLs for increased search engine matching based on language or culture.

Bread Crumbing

Bread crumbing creates easy navigation in search result pages which makes your listing more credible and attractive.

Canonicalized URLs

Reduce the indexing of duplicate pages.

Google Analytics integration

Integrate nopCommerce with Google Analytics and view your website / traffic reports in one single location.

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Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Advanced Customer Support

Various options are available in order to provide an advanced customer service experience, including:

  • Live chat integration.
  • Private messaging.
  • Time zone specific support.
  • Custom order emailing.
  • Additional language view and RTL display for customers whose languages read left to right.
  • Cookie permission - gain customer permission before utilizing cookies as per new laws.
Marketing Support 1

Payment Options Tailored To Customer Preferences

Numerous Payment Methods

A multitude of popular payment methods and gateways are available on nopCommerce, so that you do not lose any sales opportunities due to payment methods.

The platform boasts 50+ payment options including:

Highly Customizable


A preferred ecommerce payment method, PayPal is a fast, easy and reliable way to send money and make online payments.

Purchase Order

If your business operates within a purchase order system, nopCommerce’s ability to accommodate purchase orders will be greatly beneficial.

Cash on Delivery

Increase your likelihood of closing a sale by offering cash on delivery to those who would rather pay for their product upon arrival.

Pay in Store

Offer customers the option to pay in store to increase your number of sales.


Link your website to your amazon account to manage your payments from a single source.


Square offers you the ability to take credit card payments both online and in store with no monthly fees or long term contracts.


A popular platform for automating payments with ease.


A leader in online and mobile payments, with over 1,000,000,000 users.


Secure Internet banking from a popular Australian financial services group.

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019


A preferred online payment gateway for debit and credit card processing.

Highly Customizable

Enhanced Checkout Experience

Advanced Checkout

NopCommerce offers an array of advanced checkout options that make the checkout process a quick and personalized, experienced, increasing your ROI and conversion rates.

Kentico hosting

Anonymous checkouts without the need for account creation

Many customers prefer this option and not having it could result in the loss of a potential sale.

Shorter / Simpler Checkout Process

NopCommerce provides a one-page checkout that allows for a reduction in checkout steps, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Personalized messaging

Allow customers to purchase products as gifts with personalized messaging.

Multi-Currency support

Instantaneously convert currency.

Optimized Shipping For Any Business Model

Shipping Features

NopCommerce offers various shipping options to suit your business’ individual needs, including:

Marketing Support 1

Flexible Calculation

Flexible shipping calculations allow for free shipping over certain checkout amounts, shipping discounts, shipping rates based on order weight, customer group enabled free shipping and limited shipping based on location.

Gift Addresses

Enable both a billing and shipping address for gift purchasing.

Shipping Estimates

Customers are given the chance to enter their location details and receive shipping calculations before checking out.

In-Store Pickup Locations

Set in-store pickup points so that customers can choose a pickup option rather than delivery.

Shipping Methods

Set multiple shipping methods such as next day shipping, standard shipping etc. nopCommerce allows for integration with proffered shipping carriers such as FedEx and UPS, allowing customers to choose their own carrier.

Marketing Support 2
Marketing Support 1

Automatic Tax Settings According To Product Type And Location

Customizable Tax Features

Tax feature flexibility allows for customization based on both business needs and legal requirements such as:

  • Tax automation.
  • Tax exempt customer groups.
  • Taxation according to categories such as alcohol, clothing and apparel etc.
  • Price display with or without tax.
  • Taxable and tax free location setting.
  • Set tax amounts according to location in order to comply with the tax laws in various countries/states.

Easy Customization For Individual Products

Advanced Product Features

NopCommerce offers a variety of product specific features including:

Kentico hosting

Product Attributes

Set custom attributes for each product, such as size, custom graphic options and color. Each individual model can be given its own SKU, stock location, price, weight and image for easy integration with your warehouse or physical storefront.

Inventory management

Cross reference items with physical stock and available quantity for backorder management and pre-order status. This supports your unique stock management structures such as multiple warehouses and split/partial delivery.


Set or hide pricing based on customer group.


Allow those making donations to set their own custom donation amounts.

Downloadable files and products

Sell downloadable products such as e-books, graphic files, music and software.

Rental Products

If your business relies on product rentals, nopCommerce has you covered, with built in features that allow for easy rental integration.

Product Tags

Boost your SEO and allow for your customers to find products more easily.

Kentico hosting
Kentico hosting


Easily manage returns with advanced return features that integrate your nopCommerce platform with your current ordering and return structures.

Product Bundling and Grouping

Allow for your customer’s to find products more easily, improve navigation and streamline your editing processes with product bundling.

Bulk Editing

Edit your products in a fraction of the time.

Drop-shipping Simplified

Multi-Vendor ECommerce Capabilities

NopCommerce provides a multi-vendor option that makes it easy to integrate multiple vendors into your storefront. Create a vendor empowered ecommerce store or drop-shipping venture with ease.

With the ability to create separate vendor accounts, vendors are able to login and edit product details, pricing etc with ease. Restricted access allows you to tailor what each vendor sees when they login to their accounts. Restricted access can also permit vendors from seeing the actions of other vendors. Products and orders are tracked separately according to vendor, making it easy for you to track orders, shipments and earnings.

Around The Clock Protection

Safe and Secure

NopCommerce comes equipped with various security enhancements and simple security certification that ensure your website, company and customer privacy remain’s intact.

Follow Security Requirements and Best Practices

PCI DSS Compliance

Meet security requirements for any business from small online store to large enterprise. Once limited to highly regulated industries, cybersecurity compliance has become an integral part of web development. With built-in security that follows PCI DSS compliance, you can rest assured that your website security is up to today’s standards.

Kentico hosting

Get Started On Your NopCommerce Journey

How Can We Help You?

If you are interested in working with us to build your custom nopCommerce online store, contact us today for a free custom quote. We will provide you with our step by step process, pricing, time requirements and exactly what we will need from you so that there are no surprises. Our experienced team of specialists will communicate with you every step of the way. With years of experience designing and developing visually stunning ecommerce websites with exceptional functionality, marketing automation, user experience, we will give you the tools you need to leave your competition in the dust. Allow yourself the competitive advantage that comes from working with an experienced team.

World class nopCommerce development

NopCommerce Services

Apiqu prides itself on creating comprehensive, full service solutions. Our nopComemrce platform services are optimized for design aesthetic, engagement, lead generation, ecommerce and sales cycle maximization, security and reliability.

Our range op nopCommerce services includes:

NopCommerce Development

Apiqu’s Development team will work with you to develop your NopCommerce website from the ground up, ensuring that your website makes the most of the features available.

NopCommerce Optimization

Apiqu assists retailers in utilizing the nopCommerce platform to optimize their e-commerce website. This includes front-end, back-end and application optimization.

NopCommerce Search Engine Optimization

Apiqu will utilize SEO best practices in order to maximize your exposure to the right audience.

NopCommerce Mobile App Development

With Mobile devices accounting for 50 of all online traffic, your mobile development should not be taken lightly. Our team is extremely well versed in nopCommerce mobile development and can help you create a quality platform that is as engaging as your website.

NopCommerce Data Migration

Apiqu has developed processes for efficient data migration that ensure no important data is lost in the process. Import customer lists, products, order numbers and additional details that will take your store online as quickly as possible.

NopCommerce Web Design

Apiqu’s team offers years of experience delivering designs that maintain brand consistency and are aesthetically advanced, while providing a tremendous increase in sales.

NopCommerce CRM / ERP Integration

Whether you are a small business or enterprise, Apiqu can publish your ERP catalogue through nopCommerce for seamless integration.

NopCommerce Billing Integration

Create billing and solutions that work with your current software and methodologies as well as your current structure for packaging, delivery, invoicing and billing accounts.

NopCommerce Marketing Automation

Customize your nopCommerce site by individual leads, create engagement throughout the sales cycle and ensure that you never miss an opportunity to reach a potential customer.

NopCommerce Hosting

Our maintenance team is available for 24/7 support after your nopCommerce site is launched, ensuring that your site remains optimized and fully functional at all times.

NopCommerce Support and Maintenance

Our nopCommerce maintenance team is available for 24/7 support after your nopCommerce site is launched, ensuring that your site remains optimized and fully functional at all times.

NopCommerce Upgrading

Latest version upgrades, plugin updating and utilization of the newest themes not only keep your website aesthetically current. Upgrading your nopCommerce platform also improves your security, prevents glitches and provides enhanced features for customer engagement and marketing automation. Apiqu remains consistently aware of latest version upgrades and can have your nopCommerce website up-to-date in no time.

NopCommerce Plugin / Extension and Theme Development

A plugin is a program or portion of software that adds or expands upon the capabilities of your existing website / CRM platform. We know nopCommerce inside and out. Once we have a thorough understanding of your business needs, Apiqu will work with you to make the most of relevant features that will create an optimal website for your organizational needs.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Integration

Apiqu can integrate a CDN plugin for nopCommerce to assist our customers in integrating CDN services with their online store. This increases bandwidth, server loading speeds for a seamless user experience.

Complete nopCommerce Online Store Setup

Let us create your fully functional online store so that you can focus on what you do best. We work with enterprise organizations and new businesses alike. If you are new to the online world, we will learn your business inside and out and create a solution that fits your company’s requirements. Guiding you through every step of the way.

NopCommerce Inventory Integration

Apiqu has extensive experience building online stores that work cohesively with your ware house or physical store. Your nopCommerce store will be synced to your warehouse so that your e-store and physical store can work in tandem.

Marketing Support 1

Increase Customer Retention and Loyalty With Account Customization

Customer Account Features

Customized account features allow customers to customize their accounts for a more personalized user experience:

  • Wish lists - Save favorite products for a later date.
  • Saved attributes such as addresses for easy checkout.
  • Activity log and recently viewed items.
  • Password recovery.
  • Customer address book for frequent gifters.
  • Order status view.
  • Order history.

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