Seamless custom experiences

Why Sitecore

As a global digital experience software leader, sitecore is known for its ability to create seamless custom digital experiences. With sitecore, organizations receive an interface to manage web content and also manage their marketing efforts across various channels with ease. With constant evolution, Sitecore offers multiple updates and new tools that consistently innovate the Customer Experience Platform (CXP) landscape.

Your path to high performance and limitless scalability

The benefits of using Sitecore includes:

  • High performance and unlimited scalability
  • Superior marketing automation capabilities
  • Simple, user friendly, code-free interface
  • Access to personalized consumer data in real-time
  • Seamless and effortless integration of third party systems
  • Flexible development capabilities
  • Constant updates and new tools
Full service Sitecore solutions

Sitecore Services

Comprehensive services for a manageable, innovative, optimized platform.

Sitecore Marketing Automation

Never miss an engagement opportunity.

Sitecore is superior when it comes to creating automated online campaigns, thanks to its easy to use interface and wide range of tools. Sitecore marketing automation enables you to determine how your contacts interacts with you based on their data, adapting internet marketing communication according to content that applies to each individual interaction. By using Sitecore to track a wide range of data such as demographics, device detection and online behaviour, Apiqu is able to create a marketing automation experience that is engaging to each individual and therefore see a higher ROI from marketing campaigns.

Sitecore Development And Customization

Apiqu’s Sitecore development team will work with your organization to create custom development services tailored to your specific needs. From Sitecore app integration to complex development, our team can develop, test and complete seamless solutions.

Proofs of concept to one-off React web apps to complex integration, Sitecore Services can define, design, develop, test, and launch projects that will fit seamlessly in your current solution.

Sitecore Consulting And Training

Get the most from your Sitecore.

Our experienced Sitecore Consultants will work with you through the development and implementation process to ensure that you are getting the most from Sitecore. We combine our knowledge of the Sitecore platform and its best practices, consumer insights and your individual needs to create a custom tailored approach. Through Sitecore training, we can give you insight into proper use and best practices, while giving you advanced methods for leveraging the Sitecore platform and analyzing user data.

Sitecore Services

Sitecore Support And Maintenance

We know that the need for assistance does not stop after the development process, and work to ensure that you have support for the unexpected, should you need it. Apiqu’s Sitecore support team treats every support case with urgency and importance in assisting with:


Sitecore user experience personalization

Raise the value of your consumer relationships through custom tailored content.

Sitecore marketing automation

Maximize your marketing budget with automated campaigns.


Sitecore content strategy and content assistance

Custom content for improved search engine optimization and increased engagement.


Sitecore infrastructure updates and website performance enhancements

Improved performance and usability.


Sitecore scalability

A platform that scales with your business.

Sitecore Services

Sitecore Experience Commerce

Sitecore is often a preferred choice when it comes to E-commerce Solutions due to its ability to create an experience commerce solution that is truly personal and tailored to each individual user. Sitecore is vastly superior when it comes to natively integrating web content, e-commerce and user data in a single source solution.

Apiqu’s E-commerce services team will work with you to create a custom tailored experience commerce solution that:

  • Is personalized and optimizes data to cater to each e-commerce user
  • Utilizes Sitecore’s marketing automation, content management and data
  • Is easy to navigate, from storefront to product pages to checkout
  • Cultivates customer relationships throughout the e-commerce transaction
  • Leverages promotions and campaigns in an effective manner

Let us do the heavy lifting

Leave your website to an experienced team so that you can focus on your business.






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